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Our goal is to broaden the reach of our brand partners by creating sales through a wide variety of customized pathways, which encompass not only our physical retail store but also extend beyond it.

At Straightrending Products, we know health begins with lifestyle and access to reputable brands. Years ago, we realized the need to offer brands a strategic resell partner that offers multiple sales channels for brands to reach their customers, and increase their brand presence, all under one roof. Since the inception of our company, we work tirelessly to expand our wellness product offerings and increase consumer access to their favorite brands. We know an accountable resell partner is paramount. We seek to increase the customer reach of our brand partners driving sales through various customized channels such as our retail store front, our customized website, our e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Walmart.com, etc), Social Media Influence, and much moreOur team is immediately available to respond to requests presented by our brand partners. While there are many ways for brands to reach their valued customers, we realize the need to offer a diversified partnership. Your success is our success!




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At Straightrending Products, our mission is to enhance growth for health and wellness product brands by harnessing the power of our retail, website, and e-commerce platforms. Our success is wide and varied. We are experts in proven marketing strategies, listing optimization, e-commerce campaigns, in-store promotions, and much more! Our Ultimate goal is to build long-lasting partnerships based on trust, transparency, and mutual success, while positively impacting the health and well-being of consumers worldwide.


Our vision at Straightrending Products is to be one of the most valuable partners to health and wellness industry brands. Prosperous in helping brands expand in reaching their customer base. Innovative because we stay ahead of wellness market trends empowering consumers seeking to improve their health conveniently connect with reputable brands. Successful because we consistently introduce innovative products. Influential because we care about the health of people and the planet!

Our Team


The visionary founders of our company, bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the logistics industry. With years of hands on experience and a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in logistics operations, they are driven by a shared commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower their clients to thrive in an ever evolving marketplace.

Jacob Albor

Founder & Executive Director

Jacob Albor, the visionary Founder & Executive Director, spearheads our journey with unwavering determination. His leadership fuels our mission, driving innovation and growth to new heights.

Dalin Marinos, CPhT

Co-Founder & Senior Director

Dalin Marinos, the dedicated Co-Founder & Senior Director, brings a wealth of expertise to our team. With strategic insights and steadfast commitment, Dalin plays a pivotal role in shaping our success.

Best Clients


Our trusted partners are the backbone of our success. We have carefully cultivated relationships with organizations and individuals who share our values, vision, and commitment to excellence. These partnerships extend across various industries, allowing us to offer our customers a wide range of innovative solutions and services.